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What is Software Prototyping & Why Does It Matter?

Software development is a complex process that starts off with a gap in understanding between what you need and what the software team thinks you need. Prototyping is a fast, inexpensive way to bridge that gap. Consider building a home, the builders don’t go straight to hammer and nails, instead you start with blueprints. Blueprints can be quickly and easily adjusted and they give you a clear picture of the final solution before the expensive work begins. Software prototypes allow us to collaboratively test ideas and find solutions.

Additionally, prototyping is absolutely critical to developing accurate estimates. If you need to understand the costs and timelines involved with developing a software product or solution, then prototypes are a key component of the project. They help ensure that both teams understand how the solution will be implemented and give the development team a crystal clear picture to estimate from.

A few questions that software prototypes answer:

  • What exactly should we be building?
  • How will it work and will it be easy to use?
  • Will it do everything we need?
  • What will it cost to build?
  • How long will it take to build?

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