If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Everybody’s heard that… so what really amazes me is just how few companies have real-time, accurate, KPI or Key Performance Indicator data that is up to date and visible. More than that, companies that have actually defined their KPIs, are nearly as rare.

Companies of all sizes need KPIs to track and manage growth or you’re simply driving with your eyes closed. When we work with companies on this sort of project, first we start by helping define what needs to be measured. That all comes down to business goals and strategy. Then we help them put the systems in place to capture the right data from any number of sources with as little or no ongoing effort. Once that’s in place we design beautiful and powerful dashboard systems that are always up to date and that can be viewed at any time from any device.

So, think about the KPIs for your business and ask yourself if you’re tracking the numbers that move the needle and if you really know what those numbers are.

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