Accounting Firm Automation Software


A premier back-office accounting firm that offers a high-touch bill payment service to their clients needed a technology solution. Their challenge was finding a solution to scale the bill pay service while reducing costs and risk and at the same time improving the customer experience. They wanted to free up highly skilled team members from doing repetitive, “non-value add” type tasks, eliminate possibility of human error and make the overall process faster and more efficient.

Pain Points

  • Complex Manual Processes
  • Static Systems (Excel, Email)
  • Complex Communications
  • Lack of Metrics
  • Risk of Human Error

We Provided

Document Management

Process Workflow



Integrated Systems

Mobile Platforms

Web Applications

Task Management

UX & UI Design

Database Architecture

Case Management

Art Direction & Design

Our Solution

Our solution was to develop a suite of web and mobile applications that would automate and streamline the entire bill pay process. We built a platform that manages the entire process from entering a bill through client approval via the mobile apps all the way to syncing the bills with each clients’ QuickBooks Enterprise files. What we accomplished was a true Digital Transformation of their entire bill pay service line and allows them to now scale without adding additional cost overhead along the way. Scroll to read more…

Real Results

Decrease in Approval Time

Decrease in Emails

Reduction In Process Complexity