Equine Billing & Payment Platform / Horsebills 


The pointed challenge with Horsebills was starting entirely from scratch in every way. When they came to Lithyem, they had a great idea and an elegant solution for an industry stuck in the days before computers existed. Starting with a blank slate was a fantastic opportunity to help reshape an industry and make a huge positive impact in the businesses of the people involved.

Pain Points

  • Double Data Entry
  • Manual Processes
  • Human Error
  • Complex Communications
  • Lack of Metrics
  • Archaic Systems
  • Paper-Based Office

Our Solution

Since this is the first and only solution to an industry-wide challenge, we took a systematic and detailed approach to engineering a solution. Lithyem designed, architected and developed an incredibly useable and comprehensive solution that transformed every aspect of the equine billing industry from vendor invoicing to owner and syndicate payments. The Horsebills platform processes credit card and ACH payments, organizes equine business accounting, allows for secure bookkeeper access and provides critical insights to the Horsebills stake-holders as well.

We Provided

Billing & Payments

Process Workflow



Integrated Systems

Mobile Platforms

Vendor Management

Database Architecture

Intranets & Extranets

UX & UI Design

Web Applications

Art Direction & Design

Real Results

Trees Saved

Payment Speed

Improved Efficiency