Construction Project & Vendor Management Platform / Dickinson Cameron


Dickinson Cameron is a high-end tenant-improvement construction company. Their challenge was finding a project management platform that solved their day-to-day operational challenges, provided full transparency to the project sponsors and gave them real-time critical metrics to make important decisions. A construction project is a complex undertaking where the smallest missteps can have enormous impact and create expensive delays.

Pain Points

  • Complex Manual Processes
  • Static Systems (Excel, Email)
  • Complex Communications
  • Lack of Metrics
  • High Project Risk

We Provided

Document Management

Process Workflow



Integrated Systems

Mobile Platforms

Vendor Management

Task Management

Intranets & Extranets

Database Architecture

Case Management

Art Direction & Design

UX & UI Design

Web Applications

Our Solution

Our solution was focused on managing large amounts of complex information (RFIs, Submittals, Plans, Specs, etc) and facilitating streamlined communication around that data. Scroll to read more…

“Dickinson Cameron spent over a year working with Michael and the highly professional Lithyem team on a complex project management platform. Their technical knowledge and organization was a huge help in keeping us on track in hitting our development goals on time. It was an enormous pleasure working with the team at Lithyem!”
– Brian Naliboff, Operations Manager / Dickinson Cameron Construction

Real Results

Increase in Issue Resolution Speed

Decrease in Emails

Reduction In Process Complexity

Construction Project & Vendor Management System

We reengineered and fundamentally improved the project management experience both from an internal and client facing perspective, allowing the DCC to provide full transparency to the owners along with the project vendors.

We started with our comprehensive assessment and discovery by documenting current operations and gathering an in-depth understanding of the project requirements. We documented workflows and looked for bottlenecks and weak spots.

During the solutions phase we designed new workflows that sped up the processes, reduced risk of delays, improved communication and had less room for error all around.

We then designed and developed a robust, secure and intuitive platform that took a complex process and made it streamlined and intuitive.

Some of the major features of the platform include:

  • Construction document management / Version control & sharing
  • Streamlined RFI & Submittal workflows
  • Calendaring system & automated reminders
  • Advanced activity analytics & dashboards
  • Role based access to projects and features