Salesforce Customization & Implementation / Regency West Insurance


Regency West Insurance was struggling with implementing and using the Salesforce platform. As a small agency without internal technical resources, they needed a partner who could help them customize Salesforce in a way that made it easy to use, integrate it into their email and calendars and then train them how to use it. They had a few failed implementations behind them and were skeptical of trying again.

Pain Points

  • Double Data Entry
  • Multiple 3rd Party Systems
  • Manual Processes
  • Human Error
  • Complex Communications
  • Lack of Metrics
  • Complex Software

We Provided

Document Management

Process Workflow



Integrated Systems

Task Management

Salesforce Implementation

Our Solution

After a few Salesforce implementations gone wrong, Regency West was understandably leery of another company claiming they could help. We made it our mission to not only leave them with a solution but to make sure they felt comfortable and confident using it. First we spent the time to really understand how Salesforce would be most useful to them and then set it up in a way that removed anything that wasn’t relevant – a step missed by previous (and most) consultants. We developed custom database objects so they could track Carriers and Policies effectively then streamlined workflows by integrating Cirrus Insight to fully connect their email and calendars into the platform. Lastly we developed a scope of comprehensive reports, dashboards and automations to maximize efficiency in the organization, streamline communication and provide critical real-time metrics.

“Michael and his team at Lithyem promised me that they could do everything we needed and boy did they deliver. Not only did they deliver but they did so in a timely manner. Before meeting with Lithyem I didn’t know if I would get through this integration that was now approaching two years. Not only were they patient with me but they put together documentation so I can not only train myself but new employees. The peace of mind that comes with knowing I have the support of a company like Lithyem is priceless. I highly recommend using them to help your company get to where you need to be.”
– Jeana Wallace, CEO / Regency West Insurance

Real Results

Efficiency Increase

Hours Saved Annually

Reduction in Process Complexity