Learning Center Management System / La Jolla LearningWorks


Like many businesses that have grown organically, La Jolla LearningWorks was struggling with the challenges of expansion. They were using multiple disconnected systems, manual processes and had far too much complexity in communications with parents and instructors.

Pain Points

  • Double Data Entry
  • Multiple 3rd Party Systems
  • Manual Processes
  • Human Error
  • Complex Communications
  • Lack of Metrics
  • Outdated Software
  • Paper-Based Office

We Provided

Document Management

Process Workflow



Integrated Systems

UX & UI Design

Web Applications

Task Management

Billing & Payments

Intranets & Extranets

Database Architecture

Case Management

Our Solution

After an extensive discovery phase, Lithyem engineered and architected an incredibly comprehensive solution that streamlined every aspect of the business from scheduling to reporting to communications and billing. The La Jolla LearningWorks operating platform allows for simple scheduling of students and instructors, communicating student performance with parents, learning plan management, billing & payments and critical insights into business performance.

“Our custom database system is allowing us to scale and grow in a way that wasn’t possible using our previous setup. We can now run our business in a much more professional way and provide exceptional service to our students and their parents. The insights into our business that the system provides has been invaluable to our decision making and growth.”
– Megan Cohen, CEO / La Jolla LearningWorks

Real Results

Efficiency Increase

Hours Saved Annually

Revenue Increased

Custom Intranet, Extranet and Business Operating Platform

Learning center, La Jolla LearningWorks is an example of a company that relies heavily on communication and the meticulous organization of data. They approached us with the challenge of building a platform that allowed them to consolidate the various tools and utilities they were using and make the organization of information effortless. The primary difficulty was that there were instructors, students, parents and administrators that all needed to document interactions and be able to communicate effectively. They were using combinations of existing software, local and cloud file storage and cloud documents to manage the operations of their business.

We architected and developed the most comprehensive solution that currently exists for this industry.

Our platform gives parents, instructors and multiple levels of administrators access to the system and allowing them to communicate, pay, report and schedule. Every aspect of the direct service providing process for students is now managed through the system.

Some of the major features we developed include:

  • Client/Student management
  • New Student/Client intake process entirely online
  • Instructor Management
  • Instructor/Student Scheduling
  • Session reports and various reporting directly to Parents
  • Email notifications for Parents
  • Billing and Payment for Student Sessions
  • Email and Messaging System integration

This system has enabled huge growth in the business and operational overhead was reduced significantly.