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Lithyem is dedicated to helping our clients succeed and reach far beyond their business goals. For more than 20 years we have revolutionized the way businesses operate through innovative technology and software solutions that streamline and optimize organizations. Our work translates into smoother, faster operations and businesses that keep more profits.

The lithium element

The lithium element, though rare and difficult to find in abundance in nature, is incredibly powerful when it’s power is harnessed. Lithium is the least dense solid element and the lightest of metals, so light that it can float on water. Lithium, however, is incredibly powerful and when combined with the right elements even has the capacity to generate a thermonuclear reaction, among it’s many other uses in science, electronics and medicine.

Lithyem, like the potent element from which we derive our name, uniquely blends agility and experience to put the right tools in the hands of businesses who want to be propelled beyond the competition and see explosive results. Our team of business scientists is skilled at uncovering inefficiencies in a business’ systems and harnessing the power of technology to create solutions that unleash the full potential of a growing company.

Let us help you to apply Lithyem’s business science to develop the right solution for your company.

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Our Roots

Established in Brooklyn, NY – Lithyem was founded in 2001 as an internet design and development agency by CEO Michael Trezza. Passionate about delivering memorable internet and web experiences, Lithyem quickly grew into an industry leader building complex content management systems and dynamic websites for some of the most well known brands including Hallmark, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. From motion graphics to web-based games to cutting edge interactive sites, we raised the bar.

Present Day

Moving the company in 2009 to the west coast is proving to be one of our best decisions. Today, Lithyem is located in La Jolla, California and it’s been summertime since we made the jump. While our mission of transforming successful businesses into incredibly profitable organizations has remained constant, Lithyem has evolved from a design & development agency into something quite different. First and foremost we’re an internet technology company, and our core expertise being enterprise-grade solutions for midsize businesses.

Our Future

While the future is hardly certain, our vision for Lithyem is clear. We see Lithyem as innovating and adapting technology that continues to support and enable successful business growth. From powerful AI solutions to custom software, we believe in a future where efficiency is exponential, where data and technology are harnessed to adapt to changing markets quickly and where wasted resources are a problem of the past. Striving to provide valuable and impactful solutions, Lithyem will continue to innovate, design and develop AI & technology tools to help organizations thrive.

Join Our Team

We are always looking for talented and driven team members interested in using technology to solve problems and improve lives. Eager to join a creative and collaborative culture that truly supports a life beyond the office? Contact us and let’s talk.

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Since 2001, Lithyem has built solid partnerships with companies who share our business philosophy. We continuously seek complementary organizations who offer the same level of exceptional service and commitment to customers as we do.

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