Shelving System Product Configurator / R.W. Rogers Company


RW Rogers Company, the leading supplier of shelving systems for garden centers and nurseries, needed a solution for their salespeople to help visualize the infinite potential configurations of the Benchline Shelving System.

Pain Points

  • Slow Sales Cycle
  • Manual Processes
  • Human Error
  • Complex Communications
  • No Metrics
  • Archaic Software

We Provided

Art Direction & Design

Process Workflow



Integrated Systems

Mobile Platforms

Web Applications

Task Management

UX & UI Design

Intranets & Extranets

Database Architecture

Case Management

Our Solution

After working to understand the unique challenge for the RW Rogers Company sales team, we architected a solution that would revolutionize the sales process in the company. We designed and developed a platform that would instantly visualize, in 3D and full color, the infinite array of potential configurations of the Benchline Shelving System. The tool allows the sales team to work one-on-one with customers, configure the shelving system and build a live price quote instantly. The interactive tool allows multiple shelving systems to be configured and arranged in a virtual space for larger uses. The Benchline Product Configurator is a one-of-a-kind solution that transformed the company’s sales process and created a significantly quicker sales cycle.

“The Benchline tool was so far beyond anything we could have hoped for. It has helped us communicate instantly to our customers what used to take weeks previously. The Lithyem team was an incredible partner to work with on this project.”
– Bob Rogers, President / R.W. Rogers Company

Real Results

Sales Order Increase

Faster Sales Cycle

Revenue Increased