Every company that is selling anything needs a CRM. Period. I’d say a CRM is probably one of the most valuable systems that any business can implement. Just look at Salesforce’s 45 billion dollar valuation to illustrate that. From managing a sales pipeline to forecasting to client communication, a good CRM is really indispensable to a business that trying to grow.

Ok so why do so few companies have one or have a badly implemented one?

Well, for starters there are literally hundreds to choose from. So the selection process can be a nightmare for a small company who doesn’t understand their business requirements and incredibly complex for a large company that has more roles, more users and a lot of requirements.

Another reason is that CRMs, Salesforce for example, are very easy to setup, but are highly complex to customize, configure and tune. And 9 times out of 10 it’s done by someone who doesn’t understand the business requirements, the sales processes or how to properly roll out a company wide software solution. Without a qualified technology partner that story usually ends with a company having a mess of a system, burning time and money, and then calling us to do it over.

Our approach to a CRM implementation is built on a people, process and information foundation. We start with understanding who will be using the system, how, why, and what they need to get from it. Once the requirements are clear and we’ve uncovered the outcomes that we’re looking for, we can help select a platform, configure and implement it. Otherwise we’d be offering a solution to a problem we don’t fully understand and nothing good comes from that.

Ask yourself first is your company using a CRM and if not, is that a deliberate decision? And If you are, is is providing the data and benefits you want?

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