The average small business uses more than 35 software systems, and the average large enterprise uses over 400 separate systems. The fact is that most of these systems are chosen by people not at all qualified to do so. These systems end up not well integrated which means they are not sharing information, and double data entry at best. That translates to enormous amounts of time and money wasted on inefficiency and manually shuffling data around in Excel.

One of the things we do is help companies first by analyzing their technology ecosystem, then we develop clear requirements and create a roadmap to eliminate, replace, integrate, and upgrade the systems. What we end up with is a secure, integrated technology solution where software systems share information, where data entry errors are eliminated, where data is always up to date and reliable and where costs are driven down my automation. Another huge benefit of this is that by keeping systems up to date, we eliminate the security holes that leave you exposed to hacking and data theft.

So ask yourself, if your business is using old, outdated software systems that are costing you time and money, and that create a security risk… if updating them would provide a tangible benefit to the company.

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