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Dashboards simplify complex information and provide decision makers with accurate and realtime data.

Why does a Business KPI Dashboard matter?

The simple answer? Because consistent improvement is impossible without metrics.

Business intelligence, the deep insights garnered from the data that your business generates, is critical to decision making, operations and to long term strategy. A business KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard is the viewport into these insights and often the single place you need to visit to know the pulse of your business.

Dashboard Strategy Session

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo da Vinci

That statement is doubly true for a business dashboard. Finding the key performance indicators, the levers that really move the needle, is essential. It’s a simple concept but often a challenge for executives to grasp and implement.

Let us take you through our bulletproof process to uncover the metrics you need to be watching and then to create visualizations that communicate them powerfully.

Phase 1 – 

First we need to determine exactly what metrics to track. We will guide you through our process that will cover your goals, your strategy and your operations to uncover what your company needs to be watching on a regular basis.

Phase 2 – 

Once we’ve determined the metrics, we need to project them into visualizations that are easy to understand at a glance and meaningful. It’s not enough to have numbers on a screen, instead the real power is in the context and during this step we design the most impactful context and visuals for the metrics.

No business has any excuse NOT to have visibility into their numbers and a Dashboard Strategy Session is the first step towards a business poised for growth.

View a quick video on why business KPI dashboards matter.

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Business KPI Dashboard Design

Lithyem Business KPI Dashboard

4 Benefits of a Business KPI Dashboard

  • Visibility into key operations
  • Significant time savings
  • Better decision making
  • Improved accountability