Today, the possibilities are virtually unlimited for growing and accelerating a company using a custom web or mobile application. Costs are coming down to a place where even small businesses can have, and sometimes need, their own applications to be more competitive and effective.

As companies get more distributed and we take advantage of the global talent pool, technology tools for collaboration have never been more important. Just look at the valuation of Slack to prove that.

As a company, giving your clients and customers the tools to engage with your business is one way that you can really raise the bar, differentiate and scale quickly. This includes anything from a custom client portal all the way to digitizing your entire operation like AirBNB and Uber have done.

As yourself how quickly AirBNB would have gotten to their 31 billion dollar valuation if they were using paper-based manual processes, or if they had to hire additional staff every time they took on a new rental property. Then ask yourself what can I dream up for my company that would let me scale more effectively or create a more memorable customer experience.

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