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The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency. – Bill Gates

Why Automate?

The benefits of automation to businesses are massive. Reduced costs, reduced risk, reduced human error and increased profitability are just a few of the headlines. Automation is the future of work and a key component of Digital Transformation. Automation enables a company to move faster, operate more efficiently and unburdens employees from mundane, repetitive work, allowing them to focus on creative problem solving and value-add activities.

What Can We Automate?

Any process that is repeatable and governed by clear rules is a prime candidate for automation—especially with the integration of AI. Tasks characterized by consistent rules and minimal variation, such as customer service, data entry, invoicing, and payroll, are particularly well-suited for this transformation. With AI technology, nearly any business process that can be systematically documented and structured can be automated to some extent. AI not only automates these tasks but also enhances them by learning from data patterns and improving efficiency over time, bringing both accuracy and innovation to routine operations.

Benefits of Automation

 Streamlined Operations

Inefficiency is expensive. Complex and outdated operations increase effort and shrink margins. We will re-think and re-engineer your business processes into highly optimized and incredibly effective systems. You’ll see wasted effort recaptured and transformed into profits.

 Critical Insights

Measuring business performance is not only important, it’s critical. Business metrics and key performance indicators help to predict issues before they become problems, can inform strategic decisions and can provide important context for the data that you’re collecting.

 Increased Margins

Margins are about efficiency. Increased profits only follow growth if you are gaining efficiencies as you expand. An operating platform will help analyze metrics, automate processes, optimize decision making and reduce costs. This translates directly into increased margins.

 Reduced Errors

To err is human. This is precisely why some tasks should be automated. Don’t pay to have a person to copy and paste data or other manual tasks where the potential of making mistakes is not only likely but guaranteed. We will help you automate tasks, eliminating the risk of human errors and increasing efficiency significantly along the way.

 Real-Time Data

Time is money and information is power. You wouldn’t accept your emails or voicemails coming to you once every few weeks – but are you accepting other critical information to come to you already stale? We can help provide real-time data and insights to help you make timely, and informed decisions.

 Increased Productivity

Improvements in productivity can have a dramatic effect on growth and can often be achieved by solving for technology or process issues. Doing things “the way we’ve always done” can create significant bottlenecks and inefficiencies. We can help you increase capacity, increase efficiency and cut costs with the power of an operating platform designed for your business.

 Simplified Communications

Sharing information internally, with vendors or with customers can create enormous challenges for organizations. Emails are difficult to track and certainly nobody wants more email. Phone and conference calls are tough to schedule and cumbersome to document. Self-service, on-demand and integrated communication platforms bring everyone together, into the conversation and give everyone access to the information they need, when they need it.

 More Profits

Increase efficiency, capacity, quality and insights while reducing errors, workload and overhead. Lithyem will provide an automation solution that adds significant value, increases efficiency and increases profits.

Getting Started

Questions to Consider

Here are a few questions to think about that will begin the conversation about where automation fits into your growth strategy.

  1. What is your current strategy relative to the economy & new remote workforce paradigm today?
  2. What does success look like in one to three years?
  3. Do you have accurate and real-time data for decision making?
  4. Where do errors occur in your operations?
  5. Where is the most effort wasted in your operation?

Ready to Speak?

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