The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from your competition…
is to do an outstanding job with information.
” – Bill Gates

Why Dashboards Matter.

The simple answer? Because consistent improvement is impossible without metrics.

Business Intelligence, the deep insights garnered from the data that your business generates, is critical to decision making, to operations and to long term strategy. A dashboard is the portal into these insights and often the single place you need to visit to know the pulse (or distinct lack of) of your business. There are essentially two types of dashboards to consider, Operational or Analytical (Executive).

Operational vs Executive Dashboards

Operational Dashboards are about the now, they help manage the business processes and are important where it is essential to act on situations quickly such as sales or help-desk. They show key performance indicators (KPIs) and are often customized to individual departments to help determine their current performance.

Analytical or Executive Dashboards are about tomorrow, they help to identify trends, set targets and prepare for the future. They visualize and provide insights into the data that would otherwise be difficult to gain from numbers alone. Analytical dashboards can predict trouble before it occurs, identify opportunities, compare data sets and provide a concrete foundation for strategic decision making.

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