UX / UI Designer


As a UX / UI Designer, your responsibility is the user. You should have solid skills in research, strategy, prototyping, and interaction design and architecture. You’ll be heavily involved in the project process, and will set standards for how people should interact with digital environments. Our ideal candidate is a compulsive problem solver. You are good at envisioning an experience and materializing that vision into designs and prototypes. You’re able to articulate the rationale behind your decisions, and keep an open mind when evaluating with stakeholders. You have the desire to start with pen and paper instead of your mouse. You have an entrepreneurial and independent spirit.


  • Participate in all phases of the project life cycle.
  • Creatively solve problems at all levels of detail: from the big picture to the nuts and bolts.
  • Create UI design concepts.
  • Collaborate on wireframe prototypes to explore interactive behaviors and front-end technological capabilities.
  • Present rationale for design decisions internally and to clients
  • Apply engaging visual styles to wireframes and conceptual prototypes.
  • Translate complex operations into intuitive interfaces and interactions
  • Drive the development and communication of design guidelines, patterns, and libraries.


  • Demonstrated skill applying best UI design principles and practices
  • Proficiency at both giving and receiving detailed design critiques
  • Deep-seated passion for well-designed and well-engineered things
  • A lifelong love of collaboration and learning
  • A fearless and positive attitude
  • A portfolio of representative work
  • Strong UI/UX experience with a deep knowledge of best practices and user expectations

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