A Case Study in Scale

case study in scale

The Accounting Group (TAG) is an innovative and premier back-office accounting firm headquartered in La Jolla, CA. They offer, among other services, a high-touch bill payment solution to their clients. TAG wanted to find a way to scale the bill payment product line while improving the customer and employee experience as well as reducing the costs to provide top-notch service.

They knew technology could be developed to streamline this manual process and were ready to invest in a solution if it would help them:

  • Free up highly skilled team members from non-value-add type tasks
  • Eliminate the risk of human error
  • Streamline and optimize a manual / paper-based process
  • Provide virtually unlimited scalability without needing to hire additional staff

Lithyem helped TAG understand the possibilities, work through the options and ultimately designed a software platform, including mobile applications, that checked all the boxes for them.

We built a suite of web and mobile applications that automates and streamlines the entire bill pay process through a secure, cloud-based platform. The platform provides instant access for clients to their data and approvals, provides administrative capability to TAG and performs multiple secure data syncs to each clients’ Quickbooks Enterprise files.

What Lithyem accomplished with TAG was a true Digital Transformation of their entire Bill Pay product and allows them to scale that service without adding costs. The platform also provides a significant competitive advantage to them against competition who aren’t so forward thinking and innovative.

“Users are stoked, our partners are blown away, our internal team members are happy to have so many processes automated, and our new prospects are converting faster than ever. Huge win all the way around!” – Rob Scherer, CEO / TAG

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To learn more, download the PDF Case Study or view the case study here.

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